Pinion is a new platform & community where you can easily vote and constructively engage on issues you care about, share to social media if you like, view results, and track your leaders to see how they are representing your interests.

Are you fed up with the political-media circus and partisan games that ignore your voice and have hi-jacked our democracy?  Would you like a simple way to vote on local, state, and national issues you care about, while driving your elected officials to pay attention?  Would you like to easily propose ideas and ask questions that engage your community, people who you may share a wall, neighborhood, or city with every day, but don't know on Facebook?

We hear you and we think we have an idea you will want to support, so read on!


Let's face it, when 100 million people chose not to vote in the 2016 US elections, we have a serious problem with civic engagement.  People feel their vote and voice no longer count- and they're right.  Research on the US Congress clearly demonstrates that public opinion no longer has any real impact on legislative outcomes. According to this 2014 Princeton study, "the preferences of the average American appear to have only a miniscule, near zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy."

This clever video from paints the grim picture: 

Beyond the "legal corruption" above, today's political-media circus has become a 24x7x365 money making juggernaut that's addicted to CHER! No, not the singer legend.

CHERC licks, H eadlines, E yeballs & R atings. Sure, the talking heads on cable news are entertaining - sometimes.  But let's face it; our system is no longer working. Important issues and challenges are being fumbled by our leaders while we feel frustrated and ignored despite our efforts.

Perhaps we should not be surprised.  Our legacy modes of civic engagement - emails, phone calls, and town hall meetings - are woefully inadequate.  They're inconvenient, time consuming, lack accountability and can be down-right disenfranchising.  In this modern digital age, we should have smart tools to make our voices heard and transparent data that actually measures those accountable to do the people's business.

Here's the point. Someone important is missing from the conversation - we are!
With Pinion, we get to vote and comment on the ideas and legislation we care about while creating systemic change so that once again, public opinion drives public policy.  After all, that's kind of the whole point of democracy.

Welcome to Pinion

Designed for civic engagement. SIMPLE, EASY, ENGAGING

OUR VISION for pinion? Tinder for politics meets Wikipedia for PUBLIC OPINION

Our vision is for Pinion to be THE global democracy platform, where every significant piece of legislation can benefit from open, public engagement and intelligent discussion that fosters civic participation and political progress.  

Our mission is to create a great platform (web and mobile) where you can easily find and engage on proposals that are being voted on by your representatives.  

Guiding Principles

The list goes on.  Beyond our initial civic engagement focus, we envision many potential applications to foster democratic engagement for other customers - special interest groups, membership organizations, and companies interested in employee, shareholder or customer feedback - anyone wanting to smartly engage public opinion.  

Our vision is to easily find your local, state, national and UN representatives AND the pending topics or legislation they are considering as your representative.  Vote using our innovative interface on things that are of interest to you. Share your Pinion and comments to your favorite social media or stay private. Plus do a whole range of interesting things enabled by the Pinion platform.

We will start with a local, state and national topics plus a few significant, timely or trending topics. For late 2018, our goal is to host a Pinion for each congressional race and significant piece of legislation being voted on by Congress.  


Innovative Design &Great User Experience A simple, yet clever way to vote, understand and discuss various points of view. Pinion uses an iconic and innovative graphic interface that everyone will recognize and understand, at a glance.

Reference Credibility Pinion aims to create THE de facto authoritative place where public opinion lives while being non-partisan, independent, thoughtful, and responsible.  

Community Power We believe it is crucial to our success that Pinion be a user owned and user driven organization.  Our business plan encourages our community to both invest in shares via equity crowd funding and/or get involved with developing or managing our platform.  We believe that there are thousands of civic-minded citizens around the world who will host &manage Pinions for topics &communities they care about. 

Civic Attitude This should be fun! We want to create a positive Pinion community where leadership and shared understanding are common goals, conversations are fostered by curiosity and respect, constructive criticism is welcome, and progress is valued more highly than winning.   




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